Fun Phonics for your Little Genius Book

Fun Phonics for your Little Genius Book

How to teach phonics to your children for parents, tutors and educators.

Fun Phonics is an iBook & eBook to help teach 4-6 year old children how to read and write using their letter sounds. Your children will:

  • Learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet
  • Use these sounds to read and spell words
  • Learn how to form the letters

Fun Phonics is available for free.

Available as iBook (for iPad) and eBook (PDF).

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Suzanne Munroe

Author Suzanne Munroe aka Teacher Suzy

Suzanne is a Teacher, Tutor and Educator in San Francisco CA.

Passionate about education, child development and learning. My desire is to help children become confident life long learners with a desire to further their own education.

I split my time between teaching children, writing about child development and helping EdTech startups.