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Using Fundanoodle Magnastix

Using the “Magnastix: I can build Upper Case Letters”

When I opened this product I was wowed by the bright colours and colourful, clear directions for building the letters. I could not wait to get started to try out making some of the letters.

I used this product with two kindergarten children. They were just like me and could not wait to get started building with the magnets.

Why I love Magnastix

The magnets provide a super opportunity for fine motor control and development. The magnets are strong and provide a correct degree of challenge to manoeuvre.

The children enjoyed free play with the magnets to get used to manipulating them. They made pictures and were talking about the colours, the number of pieces that were the same and parts that were too long / short thus developing mathematical concepts.

This picture demonstrates how the child’s concentration is automatically engaged as she loves designing her picture. What a way to encourage imagination. She was actively engaged for a long period of time and was keen to use all the pieces thus encouraging the idea of persevering at an activity until completion.


Once she had her fun exploring the pieces she was ready to try and build some letters and she enjoyed concentrating to make a letter “L”.


Her sister enjoyed the activities too. I was amazed when she was able to make the letter ‘O’ without being asked. She said “It looks like a circle and an O”. This was wonderful and led onto me saying, “wow, you’re right, I wonder what other letters we can make.”


She then made an “X” inside her “O”. This created a completely child led activity that was actually my lesson intention. Magical moment.


A great gift for your child’s development and success.











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