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Teach Your Monsters to Read.

Educational Phonics Resource Review: Teach Your Monster To Read

This great educational game is simply and aptly described on Twitter,

‘Teach Your Monster To Read: First Steps is a new way to practise the first steps of reading, from the Usborne Foundation.’




As I say, this is an apt description of this fantastic educational resource. It promotes and enhances the learning of Phonics in a visually striking, fun, creative and interactive way. The kids I tutor love the game as they are able to play it independently and it is something different from the norm. When playing the game, they are learning and playing simultaneously. A perfect combination for the young learner.

I can see myself promoting and providing the kids with the opportunities to play the game during ICT lessons and also as a fun activity for children who choose to use the computer at play time. The elements of the game promote competences of ICT such as mouse control, following / listening to instructions and loading their individual game with a user name and password. I also cannot wait to use it on the interactive white board as part of a Phonics lesson. What a treat and a great way to keep the kids alert.

What learning the game promotes.

  • Recognising letters by sight
  • Recognising letters by sound
  • Pronouncing letter sounds
  • Blending sounds to make words
  • Word building skills
  • Reading skills

Reasons the kids will enjoy it.

  • It is interative and fun.
  • They will love the ‘game’ element of learning. One of my favourite activities is rounding the sheep into the correct pen according to the given letter.



  • Children love rewards. In this game, they will get great, fun rewards. I love that your own monster can wear the prizes he wins. These are some of the many examples of rewards you earn.


Final thoughts for parents and teachers

The game is wonderful as it follows the set guidelines of teaching Phonics through a systematic and meaningful approach. The letters are introduced in the same order as many Phonics programs  which are utilised in good schools. For both teachers and parents at home, it provides the children with revision and consolidation of the sounds learned through the schools Phonics program.

I think this is a fantastic resource and it is so wonderful that it is free. No worries for teachers who have a budget to stick within, or for parents who’s bank balance is plummeting with all the new Apps and gizmos kids want these days. It is free, simple, meaningful and powerful educational fun.

Follow these guys on twitter @MonstersCanRead

Play the game now for FREE:  http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/

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