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How and why routine is good for you and your child

Why do kids need routine?

1. It is essential for successful school experience.

2. Helps with a child’s behaviour. Less tantrums occur when a child can predict what is coming next.

3. Helps mums and dads get some well deserved ‘me time.’

4. Encourages healthy eating habits.

5. Leads towards better sleep patterns. Children need sleep to focus and succeed to their maximum potential.

6. Promotes independence.

7. Provides stability for your child and helps them to feel safe and secure.

How to start making routine a part of your child’s life

1. First ensure routines are sensible and realistic to follow. Routines should fit around your life.

2. Use songs/music to introduce activities. This is especially good for clean up time. If you use a cd player or your voice to sing a song, make it a race to see if all the tidying up can be done before the song ends.

3. Have bedtime routines such as bath, teeth cleaning, story and then bed. Your child will become familiar with simple routine and feel ‘ready for bed.’

4. Make it fun to set the table together before eating a meal, then wash hands and sit down together. You could say a prayer if you choose to introduce religion, or a fun song.

5. Have a ‘get ready to leave’ routine. Give your child five minutes warning time, count down the minutes to prepare the child. Make up a goodbye song and turn the time to leave into fun. This will distract your child from negative feelings.

6. Choose all your familiar daily activities and choose some fun and engaging ways to help build routine in your child’s life.

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