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How to help your child get ahead in Phonics.

1. What is Phonics?

Phonics is an understanding that the sounds we use are represented by letters. Phonics is the basis and the starting point for your child to succeed in speaking, reading and spelling. It helps children to recognize the sounds of the letters in the alphabet and to be able to use them to read and write.

2. How can I help prepare my child for Phonics in school?

Read and talk to your child every day. Talk about words and sounds and point them out as you read them in everyday life through reading signs on the street, their name, magazines, story books, the grocery labels in the grocery store. photo

3. How can I help my child succeed in Phonics?

Research and studies suggest that we should begin more formal teaching of Phonics in your child’s first years at school. Practice learning the sounds of letters at home step-by-step in a systematic way. Use my FREE to download Phonics Book, ‘Fun Phonics for your Little Genius’. Available as a PDF eBook or as an iBook for Mac / iPad users. Follow the link below to download. http://teachersuzy.com/phonicsbook/ Simply follow the instructions and video tutorials. Image

4. How to use the book.

Complete the simple to follow activities with your child, using the video tutorials to guide you. Each section represents one lesson and follows a structure with 5 activities. Spend 5-10 minutes on each activity. Each chapter identifies a group of new sounds. DSCF5651

5. What pleased parents are saying?

‘Your book is amazing- for its simplicity and clarity of concepts.’ ‘My daughter is now really eager to learn.’ ‘Fun Phonics for your Little Genius’ gained over 300 downloads in the first two weeks of release. Download today for FREE. http://teachersuzy.com/phonicsbook/

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  1. audrey 8 October 2013 at 5:58 pm Permalink

    Hi teacher suzy, thank you for sharing your work. Im new to all this stuff but i just wondering is there a difference between british english phonics and american english? if yes your phonics book is in which version?

    thank you

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