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Lesson Sharing Tool: Next Lesson (Check out the spooky halloween lesson)

 What is Next Lesson?

Next lesson is a website where you can share and purchase topic based learning projects which are expertly created. Next Lesson aims to answer the driving question: How can we prepare children for the real world?  Their solution is through the topic based approach to learning. Each project also aligns directly with the new Common Core State Standards, CCSS.

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Project plans include:

  • Step by step lesson guides for teachers.
  • All resources needed.
  • Often includes homework packs and grading rubrics.

How to use the lessons

  • The projects can be taught interactively directly from the website with student access and notes for students included in the project.
  • The project can be printed and taught from the printed version.
  • Teachers can also edit the projects to tailor them to their class before printing or using interactively.

Next Lessons methods and research

  • They support the understanding that project based learning leaves a bigger neurological footprint in the brain so this type of learning cements knowledge in children’s heads.
  • Topic based learning better engages students in a topic.
  • They promise to use  a strict vetting process, where only trusted authors known to the website and experienced in project based learning can publish
  • Publishers use certain guidelines and have been through a review processes.
  • They strive for an education that is richly child driven where children learn through well structured and interactive projects.

Example Projects

The website contains well over 100 projects to download.  These 2 example projects demonstrate the goal of Next Lesson. They each link to real world skills of collaboration, team work and problem solving.

  • Ghoulish Ghosts- Writing a ghost story for halloween – takes children through a collaborative process of reading with children, writing a class ghost story and then writing their own.

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  •  Adaptasaurus - children learn about adaptation of species before collaboratively designing their own creatures adapted to their made up habitat.

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Bonus: New members get a $2 credit.  Most projects are between $3-$5.

Try it out, Next Lesson

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