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“IXL Math Practice and Lessons” to keep your child ahead in Math over the summer.

Helping your child keep ahead with their Maths skills over the summer by using this fun website.

Fight the summer learning slump. Help your child keep ahead and keep their brains ticking over the summer. Check out this fantastic website “IXL Maths, Online maths practice and lessons” that develops your child’s math skills. Perfect as revision over the summer holidays to keep your child’s mind active and to ensure they don’t suffer from the memory slump that occurs over the summer.


  • There are age ranges for 9 different countries. All categorised according to each countries Curriculum requirements. Eg: USA K-8th including Algebra and Geometry. UK Reception-Year 11.
Choose your child's school year

Choose your child’s school year


  • You can choose your country by following this link.


  • The scroll down option lets you change the country and thus your countries common Curriculum requirements at each age level.
Scroll down to choose your country.

Scroll down to choose your country.

  • Hover over a titled area to quickly view a sample problem.
Hover over an area to see example questions

Hover over an area to see example questions


Overall Activities of Website.

  • Math activities are grouped into grade levels.
  • Kids complete the activities online.
  • Easy to navigate and you can easily find and choose an exact area you want to study.
  • A series of questions are given and your child types in the correct answer or chooses from multiple choice.
Example Question.

Example Question.


  • As you can see there is a timer and number of points gained alongside encouraging words such as “Awesome”, “Great” as they get the answers correct. Great for a boost in confidence and motivation.


Bonus Teaching and Explanations

  • If your child gets the answer wrong, they are provided with guidance and a simple explanation of how to correct it.
Teaches your child how to find the correct answer.

Teaches your child how to find the correct answer.


There is a small fee to get full access. Is it worth it?

  •  Luckily you can pay monthly and cancel easily when you want. Maybe you just want one or two months over the summer period.
  • Cost: $9.95 (USA) £7.99 (UK)
  • You can have a free trail of 20 questions per day before the option to become a member pops up. I suggest you try this out first to see if your child enjoys it.
  • Maybe 20 questions per day alongside your other activities will suffice. In that case, just use your free 20 questions wisely.
  • As a member, it tracks your child’s progress and adapts question difficulty to their individual learning need. That is something one will not receive from a work book or work sheet.
  • This is also an excellent and valuable tool for tutors and teachers. It has saved me hours of precious planning time trying to find activities online.

Mums and Dads, in my honest opinion as a teacher and tutor it is worth purchasing. It is easier than searching multiple websites for activities and cheaper than some work books. Your child will enjoy using the computer to learn. It is just like playing a computer game.

  • Feel free to share any websites you enjoy using with your child?
  • Tell us about your experience with IXL.


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