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Hairy Letters Phonics App

Hairy Letters

A fantastic App to teach and consolidate your child’s phonics skills. It encourages practice of the key skills for successful Phonics development.

Skills developed

Letters are introduced systematically and grouped by colour.

  • Each of the letters are hidden under ice. As the children study the letters, they are cracked open. This enables you to track which letters the children have studied.

photo 2-1

Letter sounds

  • Children click the letters to hear the sounds and words beginning with the sounds.

photo 1-1


Letter formation

  • Children watch the hairy move along to create the letter. Then children drag the hairy around the same path to form the letter correctly. Correct letter formation is important from a young age, bad habits are hard to break.

photo 3-1

  • When complete a fun hairy pops up to say well done! Great motivation for the kids.

photo 4


Word building and reading skills

  • You need to click on the hairy that pops up on the left hand side of the screen to play the games.
  • Children drag and drop given letters to from simple words,  starting with  simple CVC words  (3 letter words, containing a consonant  vowel, consonant pattern eg: cat, pin) and progresses to longer 4/5 letter words.
  • Reading and blending skills are developed as your child builds, reads and listen to the words.

photo 5

Upper case letter recognition and letter names

  • Children can click on upper case letters to hear the names of the letters



Why children love it

My students love watching the little hairy characters scrambling about the screen and carrying away the words and the funny noises they make when they complete a task. They love to get their well done sign and to play the games. The level is perfect for beginners too.

Cost: A well spent $2.99





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