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Fundanoodle: Using the I can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace! Multi-Activity Kit.



The beading activity in this kit is wonderful. The beads are perfectly sized for small hands. The box includes pipe cleaners, shoe laces and yarn for threading the beads. The Kindergarten children loved making their own necklaces.


In the pack there are patterns to follow. The girls loved following these patterns to make their next necklace. They enjoyed the further challenge. The size and number of beads in each pattern is perfect for this age range to engage the child for an appropriate amount of time. In this photo you can see how actively engaged she is with her activity and how she carefully uses her finger to follow the pattern, whilst holding her beads steady at the same time. This is a super way to develop fine motor skills, concentration and doing more than one task at one time.


The children got a real feeling of success as they completed the entire pattern. It was self motivating and rewarding.



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