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Finding the best educational technology tools: Edshelf

How Edshelf can help you find the best in EdTech

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This is a great website where you can:

  • Find reviews of educational tools such as Apps and websites.
  • Search for the most popular tools used by the Edshelf community.
  • Create your own collections of educational tools that you use.
  • View favorite collections made by others.
  • Write reviews on products.
  • Create a free account today on Edshelf.

EdShelf Blog

I am excited to say I have recently written some guest blog posts for the site. Keep up to date on the latest additions to Edshelf, and all things educational and tech.

Check out the Edshelf blog here. There are post from, Mike Lee (co-founder of Edshelf) Laura Heintz (educator) and myself.

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    Good stuff!

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