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Duck Duck Moose Reading

Duck Duck Moose Reading

This is a great Phonics App for kids learning Phonics. It is great for both Pre-School or your child’s first year at school.

About the App

  • Teaches the sounds of the letters of the alphabet.
  • You can have multiple user accounts.
  • Provides adults with simple to read reports on progress / mastery of sounds learned.
  • Teaches upper and lower case letters.

Why kids love it

The introduction screen says it all. It is fun and adds some humour to the often mondain Phonics learning. Watch out for the cheeky Lion who blows raspberries!

Introduction screen

Introduction screen



Children are introduced to the sounds through fun and engaging ways.

Children match letters to the sound they are given by the voice command.

Giving the penguin a balloon

Giving the penguin a balloon

Feeding the alligator

Feeding the alligator

They match the picture to the sound given by voice command.

Picture and initial sound match

Picture and initial sound match


The activities provide a range of fun, bright and intriguing ways to develop phonetic knowledge. This is definitely an App that my students ask for time and time again.

The activities are diverse with simple to follow instructions. Children can play the game with independence.

Children are provided with choices upon a land to play in and also the characters which are unlocked as you progress.

One little issue

I cannot figure out how to ‘go back’ to change the user for example. The only way this seems possible is to exit the App by hitting the home button on my iPad. I do not know if this saves or looses the progress in that level.


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2 Responses to “Duck Duck Moose Reading”

  1. Barbara Hollands-Grigoratou 29 September 2013 at 4:52 am Permalink

    Hello! Duck Duck Moose looks promising. But can it be downloaded to a Macbook? You just mention iPhone and iPad, which I don’t have.
    I am an EFL tutor and I don’t normally teach young learners, but this year I have two. In the past I would just go with a book, but I find I am not satisfied with them and I am using a lot of phonics. So far we’re up to the letter H. It is different with one student, so I have to always find ways to hold their attention (especially since they have separate lessons).
    I’m interested to try the game with pictures.

    • suzy 29 September 2013 at 9:55 am Permalink

      Hi Barbara,
      Unfortunately it is not available on a mac. There is another great website that you may find useful,http://teachersuzy.com/teach-monsters-read/
      I also have written a phonics book with lots of fun and engaging activities for your learners, it is free to download. When downloading on your mac, choose the PDF version http://teachersuzy/phonicsbook
      Good luck. I hope this helps :-)

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