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Fun Phonics Game (CVC Words)

Making Learning Fun

When children enjoy what they are doing, they will learn best and want to keep at the activity.

What the children will learn

Children will have fun building words.

They will practice choosing and hearing and medial vowel sounds.

Practice hearing and finding the beginning and end sounds in a word.

What you Need

A range of CVC word pictures (CVC word means a word that has a consonant, then a vowel, then a consonant eg: cat, map etc). Draw 3 blank boxes under each. These can be laminated or placed inside a clear cover. This way children can write their answers on top with dry wipe markers and they can be re-used.

Image 3

Sound squares for each of the letters / sounds they need to make each word. Write letters on paper and cut out into squares. (To EXTEND and further challenge,  add extra letters the children will not need.)

Image 8


Example Game

There is some set up required to sort letters. But once this is done you can keep all the letters and pictures together in one box to re-use.

To begin, choose 4 words with the same middle sound.

Vowels are the most tricky sounds for children to hear inside words. This activity provides plenty of repetition, this greatly benefits the learning process. When children develop more confidence, you can introduce a range of vowels.

Vowel ‘a’ example word list





Have pictures for each, with 3 blank squares under each. The game can be played by 1-4 players.


Image 7

Image 5

Image 4

Image 3


Have a range of sound squares that the children will need to make the words. For this game they will need (s, d , h , b, a, t, p).

Place the sounds face down.

Image 6

Each child takes one or 2 picture cards, depending on how many are playing. If playing alone, that child can practice making all the words.

Children take it in turns to over turn over a sound square.

If the child turns over a square they need. They write the sound they need under their picture and replace the sound square incase someone else may need it.

If they turn over a sound they do not need, they put it back and play proceeds to the next person.

The object of the game is to make your word first.

Encourage children to practice saying the sounds as they turn them over.

Set up hints

You may have lots of these games in one classroom or home. To save pieces getting mixed up between games, place a colour dot on the back of each sounds square and keep in a box / bag together with the pictures. That way pieces that end up on the floor can be safely returned to their correct game area.

Image 9

Word list options

These word lists have been made as I think the pictures are easy to either draw, or can be found easily on the internet.

Vowel ‘e’

red  wet  hen  pen  ten  vet  pet

Vowel ‘i’

sit  big  dig  fin  six  pin  lid

Vowel ‘o’

pot  top  mop  pop  hop  dog  box  fox

Adapt the game for younger / older levels

This game can be adopted for children of all levels.

To address the needs of beginners, you could have the children match the sounds in words.

Have your pictures with the word already underneath. Children have fun matching the sounds by turning them over in the game.

Image 2

Older children love playing this game to make, longer and more complicated words.

Older children could also create the game themselves to practice their spellings :-)

Let us know if you try it out :-)




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