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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving App for Early Years

Thinking skills and Problem Solving

Children need opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills, personal capabilities and problem solving skills. This App, Sorting Machine  is a great place to start getting your child started. The App focuses on:


  • Children are presented with opportunities to order things such as letters alphabetically, numbers in numerical order and sizes, e.g: tallest to shortest and vice versa, biggest to smallest and vice versa.

Image 4


  • Children have to order amounts such as more  to less, or  items from lowest to highest.

Image 5

Following directions

  • Children practice the important art of following instructions. Younger children benefit from the picture representations at the top to help understand the instructions.

 Critical Thinking Skills / Problem solving

  • Children need to use their problem solving skills to figure out how to re-arrange the objects. They need to make logical moves as only one item can be moved at a time.

Visual discrimination

  • Children practice an important skill of studying a set of objects and deciding which is tallest / shortest biggest / smallest etc.

Language Development

  • Children are introduced to comparative language (comparing 2 or more objects in relation to size for example) and superlative language  (a description of something to the highest degree eg: tallest being the most tall) adjectives.

This App is free to download and is very much worth it, Sorting Machine

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