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Using the Common Core State Standards in Teacher Planning

Using the Common Core State Standards

Your first sight of this site, may make the mind boggle.

Definitions of acronyms used:

CCSS: ‘Common Core State Standards.’ This basically tells us what the students should learn in the grade.

Example CCSS’s

example 1: CCSS.Math.Content.1.OA.A.2

example 2:  CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.1.1

Meanings of the letters and numbers

  • In examples 1 and 2, the first number after the dot tells us the grade.
  • In examples 1 and 2, the second number is referring to the skills to be met.
  • The letters will change according to the standard / learning area.
  • In example 1: ‘OA’ tells us that the learning area is ‘Operations and Algebraic thinking.’
  • In example 2: ‘RL’  tells us that the learning area is ‘Reading Literature.’


How to plan and link your lessons to the Common Core Standards.

Step 1:

Make a concept map for your  topics / area of study.

Concept map

Concept map


  • Place your topic in the middle.
  • Fill the surrounding boxes with headings of all Curriculum areas you can link to. Integrated learning is key.
  • Fill these boxes with a range of possible activities.
  • Next go to the Common Core Standards website to add the CCSS links.



  • You can go through your Grade Level on the left and find the area of study eg: ‘Operations and Algebraic thinking’. Look to the right and select the CCSS. Copy and paste into your concept map.
Look for Grade Level

Look for Grade Level


  • You can also scroll down and use the “Standards by Domain” feature on the website to find a certain skill e.g: Choosing ‘Counting and Cardinality’ will bring up the standards for all Grades.

  • California Department of education for other Curriculum areas.


Step 2:

  • Once your concept map is complete you can use this to create your lesson plans. You can easily select activities and CCSS’s and create individual lesson plans.
Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

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