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How to make your child a genius

Have you ever wondered why your one year old wants to climb into that cupboard or lift that expensive ornament? The answer is simple: children are naturally curious. They are exploring and showing their curious nature and this is no bad thing. Children from a young age want to find out about everything and anything, even the things they shouldn’t.

All the great scientists and inventors just love poking and prodding things. So does your child. I am not suggesting you let your child go ahead and break things and play with the bleach bottle and matches! There are much safer ways to nurture curiosity.

As I said children begin life with a natural curiosity. Everything is new in the eyes of a child and everything is exciting. We should encourage this natural instinct as it ultimately leads to your very own little genius. The key to creating your child genius is to promote a life long love for learning. So let them explore and they will always want to know more.

Provide children of all ages with a range of exploratory games and activities. We should not thwart this thirst for knowledge we should embrace it and encourage it. Children need to hold onto this thirst for knowledge and what better way than through exploration.

Clay P. Bedford words it well:

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

Two steps towards making your very own child genius.

1. Do a floating and sinking experiment

Find some objects and fill a basin or do it at bath time. Get your child to guess which will float or sink and sort them into piles of floating / sinking. Try it out. Talk about the ideas you have come up with. I have completed this lesson many times with a wide age range of children and the ideas and knowledge that some children suggest and find out would amaze you. See for yourself and have a go.

2. Plant some seeds together

Put them in different places and guess where they will grow best. This good old fashioned experiment is one that has been around for many years- the reason is simple, it is fun and exciting and so simple to do. As adults we know how a plant grows best, but it is still fun to measure them to see which plant is winning. I can’t resist peeking into that dark cupboard just to see if there is any life….Talk about the plant in very simple terms with your child and discuss what it needed to grow eg: sun, water.

Can you think of any more simple experiments to try at home? Can you remember the first thing that you found out as a child that truly amazed you?

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