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30 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments

‘Counting’ by Kiddom

‘Counting’ App by kiddom Areas for child development:- Counting Develops skills of one to one correspondence as it promotes touch counting. Kids touch and can move the objects while counting. Sorting skills / making sets Children have to count a certain item, within a group of other items. I love that this encourages set making and [...]

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15 May 2013 ~ 4 Comments

DIY Phonics Flip Board

How to make your own Phonics flip board. What you need: Spiral bound Note book Pens Scissors How to construct: Turn the book landscape with the spirals at the top. Split the book into  3 equal sized columns and cut the columns all the way to the top.   Write all the consonants on the [...]

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07 May 2013 ~ 0 Comments

“IXL Math Practice and Lessons” to keep your child ahead in Math over the summer.

Helping your child keep ahead with their Maths skills over the summer by using this fun website. Fight the summer learning slump. Help your child keep ahead and keep their brains ticking over the summer. Check out this fantastic website “IXL Maths, Online maths practice and lessons” that develops your child’s math skills. Perfect as [...]

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