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Building your child’s confidence

A child’s development in confidence comes hand in hand with their success in education. Learning is all about trial and error and taking risks. Children learn through doing and like adults, they learn from mistakes and make sense of the world through making mistakes and the memories they create.

If a child has not got the confidence to take on risks and actively make memories through trying new things, how will they ever succeed?

It’s all about making it big.

5 Steps to develop confidence in the crucial early years

1. Praise is often hailed as the best form of encouragement

When children are given warm encouragement this will enhance their confidence and self esteem. Praise your child for achievements no matter how big or small and encourage them to continue with their efforts.

2. Praise your child for trying

We all know the familiar sayings – ‘it is not all about winning, it’s the taking part that counts’. But if we are honest, we do not give as much attention or excitement to the child who ‘nearly gets there’.

When your child crosses the finish line last, scream and jump like the maniac mother of the child who came first. If they complete a puzzle with all the bits shoved in the wrong place show your excitement for the fact they finished it.

3. Tell your children they make you proud

No matter how small their action may have been, make it into a big deal. How do you feel when someone says the words ‘I’m proud of you.’ Need I say more?

4. Set realistic goals and targets for your child

If they need a boost, set an easy target you know they will reach and make a really big deal about it. Tell everyone about it in front of your child. They will feel special and valued.

5. Tell your child how wonderful and special they are everyday

If they hear it enough, they will begin to believe it. Even the most shy and least confident kids will begin to think they might just be great. Even if your child has been a little rascal all day, find that one little thing they did that made you smile and tell them how special they are.


Make a big deal or of your child’s achievements using the above strategies and watch their confidence grow.

How do you develop your child’s confidence?

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