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How to be prepared for enquiries from new Tutoring Clients:


  • Always reply quickly and professionally to received enquiries.
  • Answer all questions they may ask.
  • Suggest a meeting in person.

 Phone Call

Be prepared. I can tell a few stories of how my first phone enquiries went. To put it mildly, they were awful. When you start out you think the phone will never ring. One day, it will and you need to be prepared.

One example: The call came and I fumbled my way through questions, blurted out all sorts of rubbish. The call ended with “I may, or may not be calling you back!’ In this case he did not. However, a twist of fate, led to our meeting in person in a local Child Care Center! This time, I sealed the deal and began tutoring that afternoon.

Meet in person

The above example puts an emphasis on being prepared and the fact that an “in person“ meeting is much more effective. Some people are very articulate and well spoken on the phone, for some of us that does not come so naturally. In time however, I promise it does become second nature.

Possible questions from the call.

 What is your experience?

  • Be ready with a list of tutoring / teaching experiences and experience with children in general.
  • If you have never tutored before focus on your academic strengths and knowledge of education and learning / teaching methods.

 Do you have references?

  • It is always good to have a reference. Have a colleague / professional friend / teacher write one for you. Bring it along to the initial meeting.

How will you know what to teach my child?

  • Explain that you would like to set up a meeting in person to discuss this with them in more detail. You can mention that school Curricula are online.

 What is your knowledge of the School Curriculum?

  • Tell parents it is a public document that can be accessed and utilized. Ensure to have a look over this for the future meeting. I always print and bring along the over view section to my first parent meeting.

 How much do you charge?

  • Have the set price ready.
  • Make sure your price is a similar rate to local tutors in the area.

 Where do you tutor?

  • Have your traveling limits set.
  • Make your decision about wether you will travel to clients or vice versa.
  • Parents of young kids often prefer you to go to their home. In this case get their address and do a google search and let them know you will follow up on this. Decide then if it is within your travel allowance and promptly contact them with your decision.

What if they don’t get back to you?

I suggest one more email to them or call. Just politely ask if they are wishing to book a tutoring slot. If not, thank them for considering you and for their time. It happens! Don’t let it get you down. Think about what you could do differently in the next opportunity.

Most importantly be helpful, sound up beat and show passion for your role as a tutor.

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